Save battery with fglrx and ipw3495 drivers

Posted by – 7. Mai 2007

The fglrx driver is able to throttle the internal frequency of the gfx card. To see the available modes use:

aticonfig --lsp

The setting can be changed with:

aticonfig --set-powerstate=NUMBER

For my t60p, aticonfig –set-powerstate=1 saves about 5W.

Another device that can be set to another powersave mode is the wireless device:

iwpriv eth1 get_power

shows the current setting, and

iwpriv eth1 set_power 7

sets it into „BATTERY“ mode.

A good resource for Linux on Thinkpads is the thinkwiki,
it also has a page for installing openSUSE 10.2 on a T60.

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