Creating a DVD from youtube videos

Posted by – 9. März 2008

I wanted to create DVDs from youtube videos
in an easy way, to be able to watch them on my TV.

At first, you need to download the videos.
This can be done with youtube-dl (1-click install for opensuse)

By calling: -l <youtube-url> the videos will be stored to your local disk.

The next step is to encode these video files to DVD compatible mpeg files, create a DVD navigation menu and
build the DVD image for burning.

For this I wrote a script that automates these steps by making use of tovid (1-click) and ffmpeg (1-click).

So, I’m going to create a DVD with some guitar lessons from youtube. It’s as easy as this:

> mkdir /tmp/flv; cd /tmp/flv;
> -l
> -l
> -l
> -l

> flvtodvd -i /tmp/flv -o /tmp/dvdout -t "Pink Floyd"

To finally burn the DVD, you can use a burning application of your choice and use the created DVD structure at:
or call:

makedvd -burn /tmp/dvdout/dvdxml.xml


Note: The created mpegs have a data rate of about 10mb/min.

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