Developing Google Android Apps on openSUSE

Posted by – 14. September 2010

Creating an Android application is quite easy, you basically need 3 things: 

  • The Google Android SDK Tools (a complete set of development and debugging tools)
  • Eclipse with the Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin
  • A good idea for your new app 🙂
Android Froyo

After creating your app you can publish it in the Android Market and make it available to millions of users on their smartphones.

Installing the Android SDK:

The SDK package can be installed from the build service or by manually downloading and unpacking the file from google.
I recommend the second way of unpacking the tarball to a directory your user can
write to, as it makes the installation of different android platforms (eg. 1,6, 2.2 …) easier.

Set up Eclipse with Android Development Tools

The ADT plugin is currently available for eclipse 3.5 („Galileo“) which can be directly downloaded here.

The ADT plugin can easily be installed using eclipse’s internal plugin manager.


The next step is to tell the ADT plugin your Android SDK location which can be done at:
Window > Preferences > Android


Create an Android 2.2 platform and a Virtual Android Device (avd)

The ADT plugin adds a little Android icon to the toolbar which opens the AVD manager.
This tool allows you to install several Android platform versions and and to start a virtual Android device. This virtual device can be used to test and debug your app.

Creating and running your Android app

The Android developer page contains a nice Hello World application to get you started. I would like to show an app that Duncan Mac-Vicar started: The openSUSE Build Service App.


Hosted on it’s easy for everyone to get the sources and play around with it. I just committed a quick fix to it so that it sorts the projectlist alphabetically.



You want to hear more about creating Android apps with openSUSE and using the openSUSE
infrastructure to build and distribute them? There will be a talk at the openSUSE conference „Collaboration across Borders“ that will take place in Nuremberg, Germany from 20th to 23rd of October 2010.

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