Oh no, Snoopy!

Posted by – 4. März 2011

My Kde4 Snoopy comic plasmoid is broken since some days… Because the address of the daily comic strip changed. So what should I do? Fix it! 🙂
To repair it on your system, follow these steps in a console:

> cd ~/.kde4/share/apps/plasma/comics/
> unzip -u 92041-snoopy.comic -d snoopy
> cd snoopy
> wget -O contents/code/main.es http://tinyurl.com/snoopy-plasmoid
> zip -r ../92041-snoopy.comic *

Restart your plasmoid and have fun 🙂

*Update 5.3.2011*
I contacted the author, and the comic is fixed now also when installing/updating
in the plasmoid settings.

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