Linuxtag 2011 in Berlin

Posted by – 17. Mai 2011

Boosters hanging around with attitude


Berlin is a great location for the Linuxtag, it’s always nice to come there. Just have a look at the photo: The boosters are getting hip! Nearly the complete boosters team was there to meet, be available at our booth for questions and take part at the talks. With over 10.000 attendees it’s the biggest event of this kind, and you can be sure to always meet some well known faces of the openSUSE community there.

On the technical side, there were some interesting talks about virtualization, cross-distribution, kernel and the usage of free software in business environments just to give a few examples.



Tom on the catwalk

Artwork in progress


At our booth, each day we had several workshops where some people came together and could get into specific topics with the help of openSUSE experts. We had sessions from packaging to build service setup, wiki editing and as special workshop we had a handcrafting session („Bastelstunde“) at 17:00 each day. On Wednesday we invited interested people to create their own openSUSE geeko graffiti stencil. We sprayed that one onto some bags, and created some interest while doing this ūüėČ



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  2. […] And as was quite visible on¬†planet openSUSE, we¬†had¬†a presence¬†at¬†LinuxTag¬†in¬†Berlin. […]

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