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Posted by – 5. April 2012

During the last weeks, we have been busy working on integration of the appstream project into openSUSE tools. Appstream is a cross-desktop initiative that provides APIs and concepts for building a Linux App-Store. We are extending the Ubuntu Software Center to be useable for other Linux distributions, working on Apper to support the additional metadata and enhance our software page with appstream data.

The first step for the webinterface was to rework the search functionality and presentation of applications:


The next step will be the creation of an App-Store containing the applications of the latest release with browsing by category, ratings and comments.

A preview of the app browser is already available here. Please tell us what you think about the new package search and the overall appstream project! Join us on #opensuse-project on freenode, or on

9 Comments on New package search on

  1. Wow, looks great!

    By the way, how to add screenshots?

  2. redkiwi sagt:

    awesome work!
    professional design and very easy to use 🙂

  3. Linuxsusefan sagt:


    war heute überrascht als ich ein Paket suchen wollte. Das sah mit einmal so ganz anders aus …. sehr professionell! Hut ab! Saubere Arbeit!

    Grüße Uwe

  4. bico sagt:

    This is good news! This is so important for opensuse. A few years ago somebody already tried to make something like this on this address but it is not working anymore. There I liked the idea of using the application icons to identify the applications and also the availability of ratings. Will your solution include these?

  5. bill sagt:

    I can no longer see a link to the repository holding the package, miss it. I know can be derived from the address of the package but would like the repo link to be brought back, more useful to me that link to the obs

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  7. Jesse C sagt:

    Terrible redesign. Previously it was easy to select the version of the OS I wanted. Now it requires an extra click to get to. And then, if you want a non-standard version of the package it requires many extra steps. Previous, if I wanted a different (usually newer/experimental) version of a package I could type in the name of the package and then just scroll down the list of results until I found what i wanted.
    Now, I have to
    1. Click on the big icon of the package I want,
    2. Then click on Show Other Versions option.
    3. Then I’m presented with a list of all the OS’s, even though I already chose an OS on a previous page.
    4. And then I have to click the „Show Unstable Packages“ option before I finally get a list of the packages I wanted.

    This may be easier for really inexperienced people but a ’skip all the crap‘ option for power users would be greatly appreciated. Just let me type in the name of a package and the OS I want and show me all the versions. Done.

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